Web-Community Software Architect/ Developer

Company Name:
Placement Services USA, Inc.
The company is an online community building company that relies on custom development to provide leading services to its members. Where forums are the primary function of website communities and the basis of all web-traffic generated, the company hosts, manages and networks website forums and blog communities for a wide range of interest groups, while managing a network of over 6 million unique visitors per month and over 30 million page views per month.
This position is responsible for key computer software development projects for website forum creation and maintenance. Drive initiate for online software development and e-commerce software architecture to translate customer needs and define development strategy. Identify forum community needs and related services to engage in advanced-level problem solving. Utilize in-depth understanding of vBulletin framework and software architecture languages to support web development, composition of web services and project management. Develop new and innovative software to manage large quantities of websites in a quick and efficient manner to further client business growth and the acquisition of additional community websites for subscriptions and advertising opportunities. Architect, develop and improve software tools to control the network of products to ultimately facilitate auto-analysis, connection to multiple websites, and network visualization. Fuel online software development and software architecture with respect to e-commerce, including payment gateway development and high-traffic sources (e.g. subscription management, online payment across community network). Analyze internal and external product designs to coordinate the installation of software systems. Serve a liaison to advise and consult with customers on project status, proposals and technical issues. Modify existing software to ensure flawless performance and to enhance vBulletin framework to adapt to new hardware and the latest upgrades. Lead forum development to develop best practices and provide recommendations on business process improvement and e-commerce systems within community-based software applications.
Candidate must have industry experience and demonstrated proficiency in the Xenforo & vBulletin frameworks; online development of web-based communities; software integrations and e-commerce architecture. Candidate must also have industry experience in at least nine (9) of the following areas: Programming languages, including: PHP, MySQL, Bash, Tcl/Expect, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, CSH, Java, SQLLite and ActionScript; E-commerce software architecture development, along with e-commerce standards and requirements; Website forum development; vBulletin product plugin development; XenForo add on development; NIX, OSX and Windows platforms; Software architecture design; Database integration; Data mapping for system conversions; Website host management, including statistical analysis of traffic; experience with at least three (3) of the following online services: Asana, Google Business Tools, iTunes Connect, Google Publishing, or Tapatalk; or technical experience with social networking services (Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter).
Will accept ten (10) years of professional work experience in Software Development or Software Architecture for web-based communities or related.
Please send us your resume via email at with reference #227013 in the subject line. Do not copy and paste your resume in the body email. Please attach it as a Word document. Thank you.

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